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The family enterprise sustainability index

We created the Family Enterprise Sustainability Index (The Index) to answer a central question: “Is my family enterprise prepared to bridge multiple generations in an enduring manner?” The Index looks at five areas our extensive research attributed to successful enterprising families:

  1. Family Legacy and Connection

  2. Governance Structure and Processes

  3. Financial Accountability and Management

  4. Human Capital and Leadership Development

  5. Generosity and Gratitude

In a confidential and anonymous manner, The Index allows families to analyze their current capabilities in each of these five areas, and hone in on where they can place additional resources going forward to bolster sustainability.

A revolutionary system to assess and develop leadership talent

We believe that the future of family enterprises depends on their ability to cultivate, build, and develop leaders. We created the Family Enterprise Leadership System (FELS) to provide an objective, confidential and comprehensive method to cultivate the leadership abilities and potential of key participants in the family enterprise. FELS addresses family leadership in a systematic and dynamic way—building an engine for organization-wide leadership development.

Exploring Wealth

We partnered with 21/64 to develop Exploring Wealth as a tool that gets to the human side of wealth, enabling families to thoughtfully consider how their attitudes and behaviors impact their decisions around wealth. This deck of topical questions can be effectively used in a variety of settings and among multiple audiences.

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Family Diagram

We created the Family Diagram in partnership with 21/64 to be a high-touch tool that connects users to the richness of their multi-generational family histories—to your narratives. As users craft their diagram, they will begin to see patterns of behavior at work within their family systems and gain insight into the family dynamics in operation today.

The Family Diagram comes with:

  • One 14” x 8.5” custom 25-page pad with a legend of key symbols for users to easily draw their diagrams

  • One pack of colored pencils that allows users to customize their own perspective on their family systems

  • One stencil of custom shapes so users can clearly build their awareness of their family dynamics while drawing their diagrams

  • One extended legend of symbols to capture the nuances of the unique roles and relationships that exist within every family

  • One detailed how-to guide for both users and facilitators

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Family Quest Giving Deck

We developed the Family Quest Giving Deck in conjunction with 21/64 to help facilitate family conversations about giving and philanthropy—conversations that can often be challenging to initiate.

  • Whether you’re 14 or 84, have fun as you learn from—and about—each other

  • Choose from among 40 topic cards

  • Pick one or more topics to discuss on any given occasion

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