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We formed Relative Solutions with a commitment to our fundamental beliefs, core philosophies and aspirations, and our one mission: “To serve as an integral strategic component to the family, guiding their process and facilitating their decision-making.” Above all else, our commitment to understanding each family and its unique capabilities allows us to develop tailored solutions designed to fit their cultural norms and to be refined over time.

The most compelling thing we have consistently encountered working with families around the world is that no two families are alike. Even if their issues appear similar to something we have solved previously, each family is truly unique.

We provide a structured space that is neutral, objective, and conflict-free, so a family’s best thinking can emerge to solve their most pressing challenges. Leveraging our proven process, families get the sense that change is possible, and are able to embrace tailored, practical solutions that have a substantive and lasting impact.

After working with us, family members feel heard, respected, and optimistic that what they have created will be sustainable. They gain a sense of accomplishment from having achieved something that is both tangible and meaningful. And, they feel energized by the confidence that the path forward is clear and their goals are achievable.

These are the areas families most often ask us to guide them through: