Family Diagram

Family Diagram


We created the Family Diagram in partnership with 21/64 to be a high-touch tool that connects users to the richness of their multi-generational family histories—to your narratives. As users craft their diagram, they will begin to see patterns of behavior at work within their family systems and gain insight into the family dynamics in operation today.

The Family Diagram comes with:

  • One 14” x 8.5” custom 25-page pad with a legend of key symbols for users to easily draw their diagrams

  • One pack of colored pencils that allows users to customize their own perspective on their family systems

  • One stencil of custom shapes so users can clearly build their awareness of their family dynamics while drawing their diagrams

  • One extended legend of symbols to capture the nuances of the unique roles and relationships that exist within every family

  • One detailed how-to guide for both users and facilitators

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