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Family Strategic Planning and Execution

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We don’t tell families what they should do. Instead, our team works in a collaborative, consultative manner with a family to lead a process toward the direction they desire. This moves the family forward—with the family members owning the process. Families are able to talk about difficult issues and have the commitment to work to resolve them. Our strength lies in the context in which we work with families as partners. Breaking down the barriers to difficult conversations, addressing the challenges they are or may soon be facing and designing a pathway forward; a plan that is executed. Family values, vision and mission are designed to meet their objectives and goals in a way that is sustainable across multiple generations.


Position Open: Chief Collaboration Officer (CCO)

This article by Fran Lotery explores what the present and future enterprising family needs: a modern-day approach from their advisors that is less expert driven and more multi-disciplinary—advisors who can shift their mindset to execute team-based behavior that is both collaborative and cooperative. Read the Article >>

Becoming an Enterprising Family

When a family decides to sell their business, the transaction that transpires is not purely financial. Fredda Herz Brown and Dennis Jaffe discuss how a family can evolve into a well-structured, diversified, financial entity, working together across generations. Read the Article >>

A Death in the Enterprise Family

Losing a member of the family to death need not spell endless turmoil for a family business, says Fredda Herz Brown, but rather a way for a family to clarify its raison d'être. Read the Article >>

Case Studies

Strategic Planning

A USD$50 Million partnership was experiencing stagnation. Several attempts to encourage future leaders to initiate new ideas only resulted in lost profits, frustrated managers and disappointed partners. Relative Solutions facilitated a management retreat for senior and middle managers, and partners. Read the Case Study >>

Defining the Need for a family office

A fourth-generation family enterprise was considering whether the time had come to establish a person and place to handle the business of the family. Read the Case Study>>