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Senior Partner, Senior Consultant

Fredda has been a pioneer and continual innovator in the family enterprise field. She has a career spanning more than a quarter of a century in which she co-founded Relative Solutions to address the complexities and challenges enterprise families face at the intersection of their economy (work & wealth), and family. She is the author of several books and contributes to industry publications. Additionally, she serves as a guest lecturer for a number of academic programs. Her interests and passions are focused on helping families better assess their sustainability skills and resilience.

Fredda has received numerous industry awards recognizing her work. She is the recipient of awards from the Family Firm Institute (FFI), where she is a Fellow and founding board member, and the Family Office Exchange (FOX), where she was honored as a thought leader. In 2002, she received the Beckhard award, named for one of her mentors, which acknowledged her contribution to practice in the field. In 1996 she received the Hollander award for her contribution to the community of family enterprise.

Fredda holds a PhD in Psychology, Master’s degrees in Psychology and Psychiatric Nursing, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. She serves as a director for several family boards. << Back to Team Page