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  • Financial Services Executive with expertise in complex and comprehensive wealth management. Extensive experience with family owned businesses, CEO’s and multi-generational wealth transitions.

  • Experience includes Senior Vice President of Private Banking at Wells Fargo Private Bank, N.A. and Wealth Management Consulting at Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney.

  • Recognized leader, founder and creator of financial education programs to enhance the lives of women and their families. The many programs she has facilitated address next generation education, financial responsibility, wealth transfer, and family dynamics.

  • Strong community presence and a reputation for building and expanding relationships individually and in partnership with other professionals––focusing on the financial well-being of families.

Throughout her career, Maureen has been a passionate advocate for educating, empowering and engaging people to make sound financial decisions. With experience, expertise and compassion she offers guidance and solutions to address client’s unique situation and financial needs. She brings complex wealth and risk management expertise to families, combined with an interest in family dynamics and preparing heirs to receive wealth.

Maureen has achieved numerous graduate certifications and accreditation in the field of family wealth and leadership. She is an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor through the College of Financial Planning, a Certified Family Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation, a Certificate in Family Wealth Advising through the Family Firm Institute, and a graduate of Financial Therapy from Kansas State University. She is also a student of Bowen Family Systems Theory and Executive Leadership for Women at The Wharton School.

Board leadership, mentoring and community involvement have been foundational throughout her many years of professional experience. Maureen has served on a variety board of directors and executive leadership committees including the Colorado Women’s Leadership Foundation, American Heart Association, International Women’s Day, and the American Cancer Society. At Wells Fargo Private Bank, she received the prestigious Diversity Champion Award for her work in promoting and enhancing the lives of women. Today she is frequently called to speak on women’s and family dynamics issues. She volunteers her time providing financial workshops for single mothers transitioning from homelessness to wholeness, and supports microfinancing for women in third world countries. << Back to Team Page