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  • Specializes in creating individualized “next generation” education programs, and providing coaching/mentoring to young adults

  • Develops and facilitates retreats designed to help family members understand and manage the emotional meaning of money

  • Consults to family offices, wealth management professionals, and privately-held businesses

  • Specializes in facilitating family meetings and building meaningful and effective communication patterns

  • Leverages knowledge as Certified Wealth and Life Advisor, and as candidate for Family Firm Institute’s Family Business Advising Certificate (awarded in September, 2010)

  • Speaks frequently on topics such as: “Parenting Under Wealth,” Relationships and Money,” and “Women: How to Adhere to Your Values During Times of Crisis”

Kathryn (Katie) has a diverse background, making her uniquely equipped to assist families with complex issues as they navigate generational transitions while sharing assets. Katie began her career in the field of physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation, ultimately developing her own personal training business which provided a holistic approach to health and wellness. During this period, she had the opportunity not only to alter the career of one of her primary clients, who was a major entertainer and celebrity, but also to impact her own career choice. Over time, Katie expanded her role as a personal trainer to assume responsibility for her client’s personal and business affairs. Katie became a trusted personal assistant, responsible for coordinating, preparing, and attending business meetings, and eventually earned a role as a key member of her client’s management team. In addition, she worked with her client’s family as they adjusted to the newfound wealth and celebrity in their lives.

This experience inspired Katie to expand her own career to better understand the emotional complexity of families and individuals. She furthered her education by earning a Masters degree from New York University, and became a psychotherapist working extensively with adults, adolescents, and families. She continues to work with clients facing very difficult transitions, as well as those facing acute and chronic conditions such as addiction and mental illness.

In 2006, Katie began consulting for family offices and family enterprises, thus merging her knowledge of privately-held businesses with her psychological understanding of family dynamics. Working with family enterprises and family offices, Katie developed her expertise on issues specific to women, and to members of the next generation. She has developed and facilitated private retreats which focus on the emotional meaning of money and create a powerful and lasting impact on the participants involved. Katie’s workshops result in more effective family communication and consensus-building skills, and inspire and empower her clients to better sustain their wealth, family life and legacies.

One of Katie’s additional professional focus areas has been succession planning and next generation transitions. She works in tandem with family members to refine the group’s values and desires, and then develops a family mission statement to serve as a guiding framework for the family’s philanthropic, financial, and family decisions. Katie coaches young adults in assessing their unique skills, clarifying their individual career goals, and articulating their opinions and needs to the larger family group. This coaching supports the individual’s development, while maintaining a connection to their role within the larger family enterprise.

Katie is also in demand as a speaker and educator for other wealth management professionals, such as CPAs, financial advisors, and attorneys. She emphasizes the importance of integrating a comprehensive family plan into the broader financial strategy, which supports a family’s ability to sustain assets over several generations. Katie received her undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware, and her Masters degree from New York University. << Back to Team Page