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  • Specializes in effective, efficient and sustainable leadership and governance best practices for families, individuals, foundations, and nonprofits

  • Expertise, gained from more than 20 years of experience serving UHNW families and individuals, as well as foundations and nonprofits

  • Philanthropic & purpose investment advisor

  • Licensed family and child counseling specialist

  • Works closely with families and individuals to ensure their joint work, especially grant-making, is strategic and achieves the greatest impact

  • Carefully listens to individuals, taking the time to really understand their vision, mission, and objectives

  • Thinks outside the box. Strategies are applauded for their insight and creativity

  • Committed to helping foundations, philanthropists and social entrepreneurs achieve their goals

As Founder of Julie Shafer Development + Philanthropy, Julie worked to turn generous donors into committed philanthropists and concurrently, offers opportunities to align philanthropic values with for-profit investments. She helps personalize giving and investment strategies for families and individuals through the exploration of giving goals and motivations, as well as risk and return.

As Head of Strategic Philanthropy & Purpose Investment for BNP Paribas/Bank of the West Family Wealth Advisors, Julie leads a global team specializes in advising UHNW individuals and families, as well as foundations, nonprofits and corporations, to be effective, efficient and sustainable through strong leadership and best practice governance.

Julie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California and both a Master of Arts, Family and Child Counseling and MFCC license from the University of San Francisco. << Back to Team Page