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  • Assists in aligning business plans with the family’s mission.

  • In-depth experience and understanding of the complexities of both business and family dynamics

Ilene is experienced in assisting families, owners, and management systems in transition. Ilene’s career includes working with professional firms as an investment banker, commercial banker, private equity investor, and business consultant. She has worked closely with management teams of middle market and large companies domestically and abroad in a variety of industries, and was a second-generation member of a family enterprise.  As a former investment banker and private equity investor, Ilene was responsible for coordinating highly complex corporate finance transactions, and has worked with firms through mergers and acquisitions and other developmental phases of business.

After more than a decade in the corporate finance world, Ilene decided to embark on a second career. As a way to integrate her business background with her interest in human behavior, she chose to pursue a career in family enterprise consulting. She brings with her years of experience and understanding of the complexities of both family and business dynamics.

Ilene is a featured speaker at professional associations, and educational and community institutions speaking on topics such as conflict resolution, wealth psychology, and preparing the next-generation for wealth transition. Ilene earned her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University in 2005, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UC Berkeley in 1989. Ilene’s leadership as a volunteer in the local community includes supervising family therapy interns in community mental health, and formerly co-founding and chairing Music Now!, a young philanthropist program of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. << Back to Team Page