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Family Governance & Board Development

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We provide a systematic process for developing the necessary principles, governance structures, policies and procedures families need to engage in joint discussions and decision-making. We work with families to develop effective Boards of Directors, shareholder assemblies and family councils. Additionally, we take a long-term view of governance, assisting families in engaging members and future leaders, and maintaining a balance between transparency and confidentiality to ensure both trust and accountability.


Where Theory Meets Practice in Family Offices

Can you teach someone to be a good beneficiary? Does inherited wealth destroy motivation? In the latest edition of Private Wealth Report, family office consultant Joe Reilly interviews Fredda Herz Brown, Founder and Senior Consultant, about where theory meets practice and how a family should think about using their family office. Read the Article >>

Governance and the Enterprising Family

Fredda Herz Brown writes about the role of family governance on sustainability in the family enterprise. Read the Article >>

Family Governance Meets Family Dynamics

Fredda Herz Brown and Patricia Angus report on a survey and strategies for successful joint philanthropy. Read the Article >>

A Road Map: Choosing Advisors to Help Your Family with Governance and Family Dynamics

Panel discussion from the 2006 Investor-Advisor Dialogue in New York and the Advisor Update on Memberlink. Read the Article >>

Case Studies

Clarifying the Family’s Legacy and Future Direction

A fifth generation enterprise family had just sold its original business. The family members realized they felt unclear where to focus their future endeavors, but they wanted to think and work together in some way. Read the Case Study >>

Developing Qualifications for Entries and Exits

In 1952, a husband and wife team began a printing and shipping business. Over the decades, each of their three children joined the company. Read the Case Study >>