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family governance and board development

We provide a systematic process for developing the necessary principles, governance structures, policies and procedures families need to engage in joint discussions and decision-making.

human capital and leadership development

Families that allow for the full development of the human capital of each of their members are more likely to increase their family wealth. Strong family enterprises are built by families who are able to foster the separateness of individual members while sustaining the connectedness to the family as a whole.

family strategic planning and execution

Our team works in a collaborative, consultative manner with a family to lead a process toward the direction they desire. This moves the family forward—with the family members owning the process.


Transition Planning

We assist families with their multi-generational planning, helping them address issues related to the ownership and management of their assets during generational transitions.

family philanthropy

We help families think about their giving in terms of consistency with their family’s overall mission, their sustainability, and next generation development. Our unique “Give to Get Equation” provides a framework for assisting parents in approaching this subject with the next generation.

Wealth and family dynamics

We are expert in preventing potential conflicts by assisting families to establish governance structures and processes to guide their decision-making, and in defusing conflicts that have already developed by providing neutrality and safety for difficult conversations to occur.


Next-Generation Family Education

Growing human capital, without sacrificing a family’s humanity, is central to our mission. We work with families to facilitate productive discussions about philanthropy, values and wealth, and develop customized programs to address specific educational issues that demand attention unique to each family setting.

Family Enterprise Sustainability

We guide families in their efforts to prioritize their needs and develop their ability to sustain their family and its assets over time. Additionally, we offer an online “Sustainability Index” which helps families define how they fit along the major dimensions that comprise sustainability and answer a central question: Is my family enterprise prepared to bridge multiple generations in a sustainable manner?